Real Estate/Development PR Experts

The Twin Cities is one of the most robust - and innovative - real estate markets in the United States. Passionate interest in historic renovation, land use planning, environmental preservation and downtown redevelopment fuel the public relations surrounding the industry. In addition, the area has become a mecca of expertise for innovative interior design and creating "livable communities" in urban, suburban and rural settings - and PR has played a role here, too.

A good example of our work is the Cornerstone Group, for which Kohnstamm created a community relations program in each community the company had a development and garnered extensive media coverage for each project to boot. Coverage included feature stories on historic renovation (James J. Hill's Great Northern Lofts), innovative interior design and "livable communities" (Hopkins' Machinery Lofts), high-end condominiums (The Mist of Lake Minnetonka) and the return of inner-ring communities (Richfield's Kensington Park).

For the St. Paul Port Authority, Kohnstamm orchestrated PR around seven major program initiatives including national PR concerning brownfield redevelopment, public ground-breaking events for Summit Brewery, the Arlington/Jackson industrial development, the Merrill Corporation headquarters re-design, Warner-Stellian expansion and Crosby-Lake industrial park opening. PR results included broad local, regional and sometimes national media coverage and opinion leader coverage such as favorable editorials in the Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press. Because of staff experience working for Simon Development Corp, providing PR during the construction of Mall of America, long-standing media relationships and familiarity with development issues are agency strengths.

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