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With each passing year, the worlds of public relations and the law increasingly overlap. The Kohnstamm agency has worked closely with the legal counsel for numerous clients — facing investigations, launching IPOs, paving the way for or undergoing acquisitions, handling intellectual property matters and others.

For law firm client Nilan Johnson Lewis, Kohnstamm used public relations to help rebrand the image of this leading Upper Midwest boutique law firm, whose expertise is nationally recognized in healthcare law, employment law, commercial litigation, product liability, as well as many other emerging practice areas. To do this, the PR firm has made the law firm’s experts much more accessible to the legal media and more responsive by anticipating emerging legal issues as they break in the news. Kohnstamm has helped the law firm become much more proactive, such as hosting a media breakfast for 10 healthcare reporters on the eve of the new legislative session. As well, the PR program has positioned Nilan Johnson Lewis as a “new breed” of law firm, with a more authentic – yet still hard-driving – work culture that attracts and retains the best talent possible.
 Kohnstamm’s efforts to position the law firm as a best of breed for women law firm shareholders resulted in numerous news features, including three broadcast television feature segments.

Similarly, Fortune Magazine featured one of the company’s “rising star” attorneys as a case example of how smarter law firms are achieving sustainable “work-life” balance. The profile was picked up very positively in Law & More and other legal blogs, and the Nilan Johnson Lewis attorney in the article was asked by Fortune to present as part of a national panel at a conference on the topic. The result was a steady uptick in both trade and business media visibility – with a sharper image of what makes Nilan Johnson Lewis a dynamic and accomplished law firm, brimming with legal expertise. That PR stuff really works!

  • Kohnstamm's PR helped transform our firm’s quiet reputation into being seen as one of the Midwest’s top defense law firms serving Fortune 1000 corporations. Jenna GruenMarketing Director, Nilan Johnson Lewis Read More
  •   We needed a dedicated team of strategic PR pros who could adeptly handle product launches of complex technologies within a sprawling Fortune 500 corporate structure. My team at Kohnstamm is able to reliably deliver exceptional PR no matter what the situation, timing or context. Mary Kokkinen PR Manager, 3M Healthcare Read More
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