Ten Agency Strengths

What makes Kohnstamm different? Here are ten distinct agency strengths to keep in mind as you decide on a PR firm to match your needs:

10. Successful at building long-term programs that work. The average tenure of Kohnstamm's 12+ retainer client accounts is over 4.5 years — an eternity in the PR business. Clients need consistency and new thinking, and get it here.

9. Consistency in meeting very high client expectations. We know that their own reputations are on the line, so we find ways to come through with flying colors. When you contact our clients, they would tell you the same thing.

8. Our clients always know where things stand with their PR programs. Transparency is a core principal at Kohnstamm, so clients and senior executives know what is actually happening, real time, with their PR and social media programs.

7. "This would have never happened without the team at Kohnstamm." This is the "take-away" we always seek: breakthrough results that transform brands in powerfully positive and new ways.

6. We tell people something they don't already know. We don't react, we anticipate and lead, providing counsel that helps strategically position clients to become well-respected category thought leaders.

5. We deliver the top-tier business media coverage that all clients hope for — and should expect.
Q. How do you spell relief for your company's competition and mindshare angst? A. Awesome business media results!

4. Social media that is fast, authentic, constant and smart. Clients continue to move social media over to PR because we understand how to speak and engage an external audience, while anticipating bumps in the road.

3. We reach and persuade the top influencers and create a cascading effect online. We consistently find and fuel interest and credibility for our clients.

2. Make the most with what clients have. We demonstrate time and again the value of PR through ROI and measurement, making the budgets work, but more importantly making PR a centerpiece of marketing success.

1. Know twice as much as we did two years ago. PR is changing so rapidly, industry professionals need to know twice what they did two years ago just to keep up. We exceed the industry and make our clients smart while producing successful programs. Results come from being ahead of the industry.

  •   We needed a dedicated team of strategic PR pros who could adeptly handle product launches of complex technologies within a sprawling Fortune 500 corporate structure. My team at Kohnstamm is able to reliably deliver exceptional PR no matter what the situation, timing or context. Mary Kokkinen PR Manager, 3M Healthcare Read More
  • Kettle Cuisine really needed to be seen as a national brand for us to grow, and the PR results generated by Kohnstamm were central to raising our corporate image as a soup category expert.  Our Kohnstamm team placed numerous expert commentaries and secured substantial quotes and category features in key trade pubs — these and other examples of their work were critical to building our brand in new markets. Jerry ShafirFounder and CEO, Kettle Cuisine Read More
  • Kohnstamm demonstrates that a small Twin Cities firm can beat out big agencies from large markets in the competition for Fortune 500 clients. Boutique Agency of the Year The Holmes Report  Read More
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